Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December Snow

I told the girls that when we moved to Minnesota that we would get TONS of snow!  It figures that the year we move back we would have breaking records of snow in the month of December!  It hasn’t been too bad.  I admit that I hate the winter driving, but we have done quite well so far.  Poor Dana gets to spend a lot of time snow blowing though!  Living in the country has its drawbacks when it comes to winter weather.  It takes a lot longer to clear the driveway and even then there are no guarantees the gravel road or highway will be plowed when we leave for work (even though the landlord said they would be). 

Some of you may already know that Dana started working in Osage a couple months ago.  Because of this we have decided to move to St. Ansgar.  This will put him much closer to work and my drive will only be 10 minutes further.  We put an offer in on a house and are now just waiting through the financing process.  Not much fun in my opinion and I hate the wait!  The house is in town so hopefully this beautiful snow will be less annoying when we don’t have so much to clear when we get dumped on like we have this month!  I will share more about the house as we know more.  I hate to be too optimistic because I don’t want to get my hopes up and then be let down if it doesn’t work out. 

The girls have enjoyed the snow.  Below is a picture of them after the first snowfall.  We have at least a foot more than that on the ground now (maybe even 18 in. more)!  There are huge piles in the yard that the girls like to sled down.  They can’t wait to go sledding on a real hill, although I am a bit hesitant to take them!  I want to take them to Sunny Brae, but I remember it being really big and falling out of the sled a lot!  Not sure I’m ready for Ava to do that, but we will see!  The last time I was at Sunny Brae was when I was a kid.  Things always seemed bigger when I was little!

IMG_4395 copy

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