Monday, February 28, 2011

A Work in Progress

Once again my blog has been pushed aside for more important things.  It has been well over a month since my last post and it doesn’t seem like life is getting any less crazy.  Since my last post we have moved into our new home and celebrated 2 birthdays.  We have spent even more time with family and friends and I have put several coats of paint on the walls of my house.  I have packed and unpacked boxes and I have organized rooms, dressers, cabinets and so much more!  I have cooked meals for friends, gone out on dates, eaten out with family, and have plans of so much more.  Morgan has started her new school and Ava her new daycare.  They both love their new settings and are adjusting well.  The weather has had its ups and downs, but Spring is just around the corner, the sun is shining and all is good!  I have so much to do in my house, but I am in no hurry to finish.  I have forever to do what I need to do and am hoping to hit up some great flea markets and antique shows this summer to help me decorate!  It is a work in progress and I am ok with that because it is mine!  We LOVE living in small town Iowa and can’t wait for warm weather so we can play at the park and meet more friends.  Our neighborhood is full of kids and I am excited for my girls to be able to play outside safely, in a small town, with a neighborhood full of the screams and giggles of kids enjoying summer! 

I have to say that I have been horrible at taking pictures since we have moved.  I have friends asking me to post pictures of my new house and I promise that I will.  I hope that once it warms up a bit we can get outside and take more photos!  Now that I have a huge basement maybe I will even have space for a few backdrops.  Since I hate to post without photos I will share a couple birthday pictures.  They are not the best, but still memories of the whirlwind we have been through over the past couple months.  I feel a little bad that the girls got kind of cheated out of their birthday this year.  Ava’s was celebrated on the floor of our new house before we even moved furniture in and Morgan’s was celebrated with one set of grandparents coming to visit.  Otherwise we have had various meals out with grandparents, cards in the mail, etc. but no real party for either of them.  We have promised a trip to the Mall of America for their birthday so look for pictures in the next couple months for that trip! 


Overall, this move has been the best one so far and will be the last for a very very very long time!  We did have to get rid of Butterfinger the cat though.  Morgan was pretty sad about it, but she went to a very good home and is just as spoiled with her new family.  I have promised the girls a puppy someday so we will see…….. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

On the Move!

This week we will make our final journey to our “forever home”.  Of course we have to pick one of the coldest weeks of the year to move, but I keep telling myself it will be worth it!  When we moved to Austin this summer we had no intentions of moving again so soon, but Dana took a job45 miles away which made us decide to move sooner.  And…to be quite honest, the house we are in right now kind of sucks!  I hate renting to begin with.  I hate throwing my money away.  I hate it even more when you think you are getting into something decent based on what the owner tells you and then it turns out he was wrong or misleading.  UGH!  But enough about that!  I am moving! 

We chose a small little town not far from where I grew up.  It is only about a 15 minute drive to Dana’s job and about 25 minutes to my job.  Ava goes to a family daycare and Morgan will have 35 kids in her entire grade.  She starts school on January 31.  We have visited the school, the superintendent’s office and Dana made a trip to the Post Office and City Hall today.  It seems as if everyone knows us already and knew that a new family with children was moving to town!  Everyone has been very kind and welcoming, just as I remember growing up in a small town.  I know there are opportunities that larger towns have to offer, but nothing compares to being known personally by every person you encounter during the day.  You become a person, not just a number.  This is what I want for my girls. 

The process it took to get to our new home was a little stressful, but it’s almost over.  Yes, I said “almost over”.  You see, we were scheduled to close on the house today, which was first delayed from 10 am to 2pm and then cancelled at 4:30 (after we had been sitting and waiting for 2 1/2 hours).  But, because of a HUGE issue with our lender, they made arrangements for us to move into the house this weekend with papers to be signed on Monday.  It’s a long story, but it has all worked out and we get to move!  No more drafty windows, no more unplowed gravel roads or county highways, no more way too high electric bills, no more LP tank, and no more chickens!!  (Yeah, they were cute for the first month or so!)  I am so not a farm girl!  Glad we discovered that through renting and not buying! 

My new house is a new construction.  Never been lived in.  Blank canvas.  White walls.  It will need lots of paint!  It will be a work in progress for the rest of my life and I will love it!  It will probably have white walls for awhile until I can decide what to do with each room.  The first to get painted is the kitchen.  The appliances arrive on Wednesday so the walls will be painted this weekend.  The kitchen will be red.  The next rooms to be painted are Ava and Morgan’s rooms.   Morgan wants turquoise and Ava wants hot pink.  They will each have a chalkboard wall in their room!  Can’t wait!  And in a couple weeks I will host our first party in our new house.  Ava turns 4 tomorrow and Morgan turns 9 on February 16. 

This is a picture of my house off the realtor’s web-site.  I will post more as we get settled.  It has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.  I’m sure it’s still not big enough for all our junk, but I am great at organizing and using all the available space I can find!  Besides all the stuff that’s in my house now use to fit in a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house! 


Now let’s hope for a quiet weather week, no snow and warmer temps would be great!  Wish us luck!